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    This site is a photo history dedicated to all the Television Western
    programs of the last 60 years. I've been collecting, trading and selling TV
    Western Photos for over 40 years and have more than 30,000 photos in my
    collection. These contact images represent just a small fraction of my
    All photos are $12.00 each, delivered via email as a high resolution copy,
    that you can download and have printed at your local photo store. This
    saves you money on shipping and handling.

    I will trade on a one for one basis any photo in my collection. Example: One
    color photo for one color photo, one high resolution digital scan for the same
    quality digital scan.
    At no time are there any rights to any photo given or implied. All photos are
    traded or sold on a collector basis from one collector to another.

                                                     TO PLACE AN ORDER:

    When ordering photos: First go to the "Photo Galleries" section and choose
    the TV Series you want, then go to the index page and choose the Photo
    Number you want. Next enter the photo name and number (IE: Lawman # 11)
    into the box above the "Add To Cart Button" and then click on the "Add to Cart
    Button".  This will open the PayPal window where you can add more photos
    by clicking on the "Continue Shopping Button" or you can click on the "Proceed
    to Checkout" window to purchase your selection.
    Sometimes I do not have all of the photos available as I have loaned them
    out, so first, email me with your want list to see if I have the photo in stock.  

    For further information please contact: doug_abbott@hotmail.com

50 Years of the Television Western  

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Book Comments

Thank you for a wonderful book. It is quite nostalgic to me.
Clint Eastwood

I love this book. A great job.
Michael Biehn
The Magnificent 7

What a kick to see so many glorious color photos of the stars and shows
I grew up with in black and white.
Leonard Maltin
"Film Critic"

50 Years of the Television Western is the most beautiful, amazingly and comprehensive
book on TV Westerns that I have ever seen and is extremely well done.
Clint Walker

50 Years of the Television Western" is the most complete and accurate book I have ever
read about a piece of American history that is slowly fading away. Page after page,
Ron and Doug have brought back memories of a time when the television western was
king. It's a great ride.
Robert Fuller
"Wagon Train"